Saturday, November 24, 2007

more snowmen

David had the idea of a marshmallow snowman toasting a marshmallow. Brigham furthered the idea by making a mini M&Ms fire. Great kids!

Marshmallow snowmen

The kids made these snowmen on our first real snowy day - the day before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving: almost time to dig in!

If it looks like wall to wall food - that's because it was! We had a wonderful meal together and loved every bite! After the meal, at David's suggestion - we each said one thing we were especially thankful for this year. Dade's job was high on the list, as well as living in Maine, family and friends, our home, "42" (that was Adam's - he said it's the meaning of life and the universe), winning the Revolutionary war, Christopher Columbus, and cookies (Ethan's choice). Anyway, it was all great and we are still working on the delicious leftovers. Only 18 pies this year! I think next year on our mission Dad and I will just have pumpkin pie and I will declare the end of personally making so many pies . . . that will probably only last untill we get off our mission! :)