Monday, December 26, 2011

Mr. Snickers

Dad snapped some pics of our calf, Mr. Snickers (Laura dubbed him such, since he is brown and Snickers is Grampy's favorite candybar). He is growing fast and is loving his grain and hay - chomp, chomp! Major always has to accompany Grampy as he feeds and waters him - makes Major feel he has important duties to attend to. Dad got a flashlight for Christmas that shines so bright, it is dangerous to look at and throws a beam 500 feet - it should be helpful when doing the barn chores these dark late afternoons this winter. He also got some new warm work gloves.

Christmas Parties

Our family progressive dinner started at Gram's house with the appetizer course

Then to our house for lasagna and a nap (j/k about the nap part, but Laura and Thomas do look rather seriously ready for a snooze)

Finally we ended the evening at Sue and Dade's with cream puffs and cheesecake - we had to hurry to get a picture before they were devoured!! Fun times!!

Below are a couple of pictures from the week before when we hosted part of our Branch Progressive Dinner here.

Visions of Christmas around our home . . .