Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gram's 83rd Birthday!!

Gram's 83rd Birthday!
Those are raspberries atop that cake - we are picking several quarts every day! The deer flies did their best to ruin the evening - especially bothering Gram and Ivy. Otherwise, it was fun.

opening gifts
Zack and Abe with Gram
Waiting for others to arrive

Ivy's Happy Birthday banner was just the right touch!

July happenings

We had a nice breakfast and flag-raising on July 3rd. We all brought muffins, coffe cakes, fresh fruit etc. had it outside - sang the national anthem - Bob gave a short inspiring talk. It felt good to be an American (and to be in America!) - I love this country!!

Strawberry season came early to Maine this year and it almost got by us without us noticing - thank goodness Gram told us the picking was good at Thunder Road Farms in Corinna - we actually didn't end up going there, because they were down for a couple of days - but it got us in gear. We took Susannah, Laura, James, and Ethan with us to Tate's in Corinth. We picked 40 quarts total. We came home and made strawberry shortcakes (of course!) and enjoyed berries and cream and froze a bunch. Gram has made a couple batches of freezer jam too.