Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yerevan beauties

Two of these are of the Lighted Fountain Music show at Republic Square last Friday evening. They have a program every weekend night during the summer months - very impressive! We walk by these flowers during our morning walk in the park.


Felix and George are 2 young men from T'bilisi, Georgia who stayed with us at our apartment the night before and the night after the YSA Conference in Jermuk 2 weeks ago. Felix is about to serve his required 2 years in the military and then wants to serve a mission and become a police officer. George and his mother are moving to Moscow this week. Both Felix and George are the only members of the Church in their families and have been members less than 2 years. They both speak Georgian, Russian, and English very well. Great guys! One picture is of the dining room at the hotel we stayed in at Jermuk and the other picture is of the outside of the hotel.