Sunday, August 28, 2011

Still More Pictures from Summer 2011

Brigham let me snap a picture of him - grandmothers can be so pushy! :)
Benny about to get in line for yet another meal at Sloat Reunion
The Holt House in Blue Hill - we stopped here on our way to the Sloat Reunion (David and Brigham rode with us) - Grampy tried to get pictures of his Roundy ancestors - but no luck yet. The picture lady only works on Thursday and this was Friday. Oh well, it was fun to tour the old house (c. 1815) - anyone can peek inside at
Brigham was playing it safe with his food choices - he's not a seafood man.

Laura's first lobster

Laura had lobster for the first time at the Sloat reunion this year. The Dunham "boys" supplied us with all the fresh lobster, crab, and clams we could eat. Dick sets 300 traps a week - Nate and Robin set 900 a week - that's hard work! The seafood lovers among us were in heaven! BTW Laura loved the lobster so much she had another one the next day!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The End of August

A cute one of Tommy
Birthday flowers from Ammon & Heghine

Our "new" piano
Laura putting on her goofy for us - she is so fun!!

More Sloat Reunion Pics

David balancing Bugles
I think he got up to 15 or more - now that's talent!! :)
Ethan and Thomas waiting for Grammy to click her camera
Bart and Cherie in deep conversation

Sloat Reunion Talent Show

Nate and Kevin Dunham hamming it up
Susannah and Laura singing
Aunt Doris and Aunt Glenna harmonizing on their harmonicas

More Sloat Reunion

Gram performing at the reunion talent show
Aunt Doris in the foreground on the right - Aunt Glenna 3rd on the left
Barbara Crabtree enjoying a cheesey casserole
A Sloat Reunion cake

Sloat Reunion

Zack and Laura
Anne, Gram, and Laura hanging out at the reunion
A Sloat Reunion quilt
Gram and Anne

Moosehead Lake

The Katahdin at Moosehead Lake

Grampy, Uncle Bart, and Gram at the Black Frog Restaurant in Greenville
Grampy, Grammy, Gram, and Uncle Bart at Moosehead Lake

Jessica's Farewell

Ethan, Zack, Abram, Benny, Chandler, and James
Grammy and Grampy (Autumn in chair)
Jessica with her trifles :)
David: The Man! :)

Eric's visit

Eric boarding the bus for Boston
The visit went too fast, but here is proof Eric was here!
The "boys" playing Bingo
Gram and Eric

More Summer 2011 Scenes

This little toad startled me when I found him residing in my hanging petunia on our porch
A movie/game party with Jessica,Laura, Autumn, and Ivy
Jessica and Ivy
Laura Doodle

Summer 2011 Scenes

Daisy on her birthday
Zack, bringing me their tub to give Major a bath
Abe, Logan, and Zack with the twins' birthday cake that Grammy Call made