Thursday, June 17, 2010


Zachary, Logan, and Abram took a break from bicycle tricks
one sunny morning this week to listen to Rumpelstiltskin, an
old linen book Nana Dow had in her attic
copyright 1920.

Margaret's wedding

Three sweethearts! Gram, Aunt Sal, and Aunt Judy the day of Margaret's wedding, June 5th.
Sal made the wedding cake

Scott and Margaret Davis with Margaret 's children: Amanda,
Morgan, and Taylor (don't know who the man on the left is)

East Dover Scenes

I was surprised one rainy day this spring to find this chipmunk perched atop a tire on our car - getting in out of the rain - just had to grab the camera!
This is of the Isaac Royal Farm (the buildings were actually built by Josiah Dow - Isaac Royal cleared the land - he was John Paul Jones' ccabin boy). Dad and I often walk to the windmill and back for our daily exercise. It's exactly 1 mile from our house and a good challenge climbing Patten's hill.

Another scene from our walk most days is this view of the Piscataquis River from the East Dover bridge. You can see the remnants of what was a gristmill and later a light station for the local power company in the early 1900s there on the left. The first settlement in the area was near here along the banks of the river.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Memorial Day

We had a family get-together at Susannah and Dade's a couple of weeks ago. They grilled hamburgers and hotdogs on their new gas grill on the deck and we all brought salads and desserts. The kids jumped themselves silly on their trampoline. It was a fun afternoon.

new furniture

Some views of our new dining room furniture, which we love because it isn't too big when we don't have the 18 inch leaf in. The dark wood shows off the beautiful doilies our Armenian friends made for us. The bench actually went with another set, but it goes well with ours and it's great to sit 3 grandsons on for Saturday night pizza - which we did while Spencer and Ivy went out to eat on their anniversary last week.

Shower for Ivy

Ivy's pregnant profile at 32 weeks

Elizabeth and Alyssa did the cake

Ivy's visiting teachers (Aunt Judy and Louise Vanio) and Elizabeth Walsh and Alyssa Gosselin hosted a baby shower for Ivy on June 4th. About 25 attended and she got tons of girly clothes - lots of pink! :)

Ivy loved the baby afghan Rheanna made for her - lots of oohs and ahhs when she unwrapped it. Rheanna had given me the afghan to bring home with me when we flew home from Utah in April - so I wrapped it up for the shower.