Thursday, January 20, 2011

Boys and dogs


Ethan wanted me to take a picture of him sliding down the hill south of our house
but his new sled got away from him before he could climb aboard - bummer!
So after he trudged to the runaway sled and dragged it up the hill, James held it for him to get in
and off he went
thankfully missing the tree and Logan's yellow sled! Fun afternoon.


waiting for the pasta to finish cooking

Tommy finished his nap, ate his pasta, and now Laura's making sure he doesn't eat the stem on his cherry atop his chocvan pudding.

Sleepytime Pals

opening gifts

Susannah and Dade went to the temple today, so the 6 younger kids came to our house for the day. We hadn't yet given Ethan his birthday gifts - so he opened them here today.
his very own cookbook
he been known to take a cookbook to bed with him for night time reading :)

hurry and snap the picture, I'm ready to open these late presents!

Chillin' at Grammy's

Logan asked for more "moishmallows" but agreed to eat a banana first.
Zack taking a break from supervising Grammy in the kitchen :)
must be a compelling cartoon moment
for Zack too!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wonderful Day!

Heghine and Ammon
Justin, Rheanna, Eric, Mandy, Katie holding Mercedes, Todd holding Lincoln, me, Dad, Susannah, Spencer
a happy day for all
Heghine and Ammon in front of the Denver Temple on their sealing day