Friday, August 20, 2010

more scenes from girls camp

Jessica climbing the wall
Dover's mailboxes
the Dover YW: Autumn, Jessica, Feliecha, Ivy, Monica, and Lauralee

scenes from girls camp

Little Fitts Pond
Jessica was a youth leader this year - she had to be there a day early to help set up camp. They made directional signs for the campers coming the next day.
This is the main lodge at Camp Roosevelt - where we ate most meals.

new couch

"The boys" trying out the new couch earlier today
This was waiting for me when I arrived home from Girls Camp Wednesday afternoon. We are loving having a couch, after going without one since we moved in in June. We watched a couple hours of Lark Rise to Candleford that very night in total comfort! The matching loveseat is supposed to arrive in 4-6 weeks - maybe by then I'll have the walls and floor and ceiling done. It is my hope!!!!!!

more changes

This is taken with my back to the south window in our bedroom - the doorway is taller than it looks here due to a piece of the ceiling hanging at the top of the door. Dad keeps at it - thankfully we decided to hire trashbusters to pick up our trash weekly - they've certainly earned their money with all our demolition debris!
This is looking down what used to be the hallway toward our bedroom. It's fun to see the changes. Eric and Mandy are brave to come in the middle of all this - we're trying to get the walls re-aligned before their arrival. I'm sure the decorating won't be done, but at least the demolition will be over.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dad picked the rest of the yellow transparents this morning, so I'm turning them into applesauce. These early apples make the best sauce of all!

Please excuse the chaos, but this gives you an idea of how open it now is at the top of the stairs - soon to be wall to wall books - it will be so wonderful to clear the attic of books and have them all at our fingertips.
Susannah's kitties - anyone want one?? :) One has been given away - these two have yet to find homes. They like our porch and flower garden.
Dad's first summer back from our mission is a busy one for sure, between renovating our upstairs and his big garden. The garden has grown alot since this picture was taken - we're getting tons of cucumbers, the tomatoes are beginning to ripen, and we've even had a couple of ears of early corn. I noticed the pole beans are setting on - so we;ll be having those before this weekend - all thanks to his hard work. The renovation is coming along slowly, with all the demolition, building, and electrical and plumbing issues, but we've bought our tile for the bathroom, the vanity, and tub, so we're getting there. I'll post a later pic of this same view, so you can see the changes in what will eventually be a cozy library.
Ivy's 27th
Grampy and Daisy :)
Reading to the boys