Thursday, December 30, 2010

Down the road on the 26th

Ethan is liking the looks of Laura's Christmas Tree birthday cake!
D'ya think Laura's already tired of opening gifts before her birthday even starts? Nah!
Brigham in his Pi shirt
David in his new fedora

Christmas morning

Lincoln finding a few treats in his stocking
trying a basket on his head
Bart and Anne's big present for Mum, hiding behind the loveseat
can she guess what it is??
Her expression reads: Now I know what it is, I can't believe it, and I'm gonna love it!

more Christmas happenings

Christmas Breakfast at Spencer's and Ivy's

Dads and their baby girls - finished the pizza, waiting for banana splits on Christmas Eve


Todd and Katie and kiddies totally surprised us in the wee hours of Thursday morning - what a wonderful addition to our Christmas this year!
So cute of Mercedes in her Christmas jammies!
Here's Katie and Mercedes and Lincoln on Christmas Eve
Zack, Logan, Lincoln, and Abram watchin' a Christmas movie and snackin' at Grammy's
Gingerbread boys and girls getting ready for delivery :)

Christmas party

Dover Branch Christmas pageant

Ethan and Abe were shepherds, Annie Clukey as Mary and Sean Billingsley as Joseph
Zack and Logan were among the sheep
Laura and Shelby as angels

Creche 2010

We spent 14 days (along with a few others) helping to set up, host, and tear down this year's stake exhibit - exhausting to say the least. About 1400 visitors. There's gotta be a better way to do this - very labor intensive.

my favorite
Chapel display
This life-size Nativity is made of paper mache

Friday, August 20, 2010

more scenes from girls camp

Jessica climbing the wall
Dover's mailboxes
the Dover YW: Autumn, Jessica, Feliecha, Ivy, Monica, and Lauralee