Monday, August 10, 2009

3 days on the road

We stayed the first night at this charming little hotel in Goris, which is nestled in the mountains and we have decided is a far more picturesque city than Yerevan - the hotel was surrounded by beautiful flower gardens and fruit trees. There were 5 senior couples, the Mission President and his wife, and one of our District Presidents and his wife and other family members - we rode in 3 vehicles - had a great time. We all ate dinner together at the hotel restaurant Friday night (Armenian dolma, lavash, cherry juice, ice cream, and water melon) - then we took our chairs outside to the garden area and held a fireside type meeting.

Here is Dad at the Armenian Stone Henge later the same day.

We went on a 3 day Senior Missionary trip/conference this last weekend. We did alot of traveling to places we had never been in the southern part of the country - even went to the Iranian border. It was soooooo nice to get out of the city - you can imagine how happy Dad was to see animals and agriculture along the way. I will do several posts to cover the highlights. This first picture is of us on Friday morning at Norverank Monastary - this was actually our second visit to this site.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Saturday night at our apartment.

more of Ammon's visit

Another one of Ammon, Dad and Poghos.
Ammon and Heghine (hay-gee-nay), his last night. They made supper for us - he did the tacos and she made cream puffs - all very delicious! He flew out early the next morning and Dad and I sure miss him - but wow! were those leftovers yummy!!

This is at our translator, Lusine's family apartment. They had us come for khoravats (Amenian barbecue) one hot Saturday afternoon about halfway into Ammon's stay.

Here Ammon is (at Dad's request) telling Poghos about rock climbing.

Ammon's visit

Ammon and Dad at Garni temple
Ammon and Heghine at our apartment

Dad, Abtin, Mushegh, Hayk, Ammon, Diana, and Heghine in front of the Mother of Armenia Statue.

Pictures from Ammon's visit in July

Some of our Self-Employment Workshop participants in Vanadzor

More views on the way to Vanadzor

These are braided greens and herbs that are hung to dry and then used throughout the winter is soups and stews, by just cutting off the amount needed for flavor. We stopped so Lusine could buy a couple and we could smell them the rest of the trip though they were put in the trunk. Very fragrant!