Thursday, September 6, 2012

End of Summer 2012

We grabbed the last nice day before school started here, to return to Popham Beach with Susannah's family in tow.  It is such an awesome place - so huge in fact that there is an east beach, a central beach, and a west beach - and when the tide is out you walk forever just to get to the ocean - all fine sand for miles it seems.

Dad and I hiked across the beach which connects to what becomes an island at high tide. 
 Benny started digging this hole and Brigham soon pitched in to help
 they stayed at it
 as you can see
 finally Benny was satisfied that it was big enough!
The waves were so beautiful and fun to play in

 Thomas and Ethan found the hole was the only way to keep the breeze from grabbing their beach ball  :)
 The tide eventually filled the hole and these 3 quickly found themselves mired in the sand - on purpose of course.
 As the tide rolled in, the surf became more dramatic - several surfers showed up as we were leaving - some catching the waves for several seconds before wiping out.
 It was a fun day for all of us - one funny thing that happened - I opened a medium bag of M&M peanuts, ate a few (of course) and left them on the quilt we had spread out on the beach while I went to our car to retrieve our camera.  Meanwhile - a very rude and very bold seagull picked up the bag and strewed M&Ms along the beach for him and his friends before dropping it several yards away.  Half the candy was gone. Dade noticed later there was a bit of sand when we got to the bottom of the bag.  Wish I could have caught it all on video.
The tide ultimately forced us to pack up and leave - stopped at DQ in Topsham for blizzards all around, then headed back to Dover to begin another year of school for the kids.  Great way to mark the end of summer vacation.

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Rheanna said...

We have to go there next time we come out, it looks beautiful!